Who we are

Moreno is a portuguese pharmaceutical company with over two decades of history.

In Moreno we create reference products, we develop innovative concepts and promote medicines and other health products, with high quality, safety and efficacy.

We gather human resources with a level of knowledge beyond the average, as a result of the collaboration with specialized staff, whith credible people drawing a new direction in the market, in a flexible, young and dynamic way.

We leverage custom and personal contact platforms with our customers, with high efficiency and reliability standards. We comply with Good Manufacturing Practice upstream and downstream for implementing the Good Distribution Practice and monitoring of products up to customers.

In Moreno, we seek synergies in healthcare to a trustfull future.

What we do

We know that having the best product is not enough, so simultaneously with technological developments, new market concepts and the growing aggressiveness of marketing requires to adapt to new realities. In terms of promotion and distribution of medicines, there is a need to adapt to new concepts of work using new ways of communicating, ensuring a higher quality, maximizing human resources and increasing productivity and efficiency, with the inherent loyalty partners involved.

We rely on the technical and scientific competence, with the professionalism and dedication of all our employees with the initiative, entrepreneurship and teamwork, thus placing high-quality products available to all.

We bet on a prompt and personal response.

We try to present products and unique and cutting-edge solutions, these solutions worthy of the credibility of the sector, high quality and mutual benefit, trying to anticipate the needs of an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

Moreno has a logistics structure of storage, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products, enhancing their development grounded in quality, dignifying the sector, the company and all its employees.


Our mission is contagious ... it is a stimulus, a challenge ...

We seek solutions to improve the quality of life of all with whom we contact, developing innovative medicines and products that help you live longer and better.

We value:

Service excellence - availability to customers and partners, valuing the permanent proximity to them.

Independence - our goal is to serve the best interests of our customers.

Innovation / Dynamism - specialized know-how and constantly being updated.

Transparency - flexible and open structure and communication.

Sustained growth of our structure and partners who rely on it, getting global benefits.

Our mission is to improve day by day, for your health.


Beyond the development and promotion of health products, Moreno has a specialized staff for the dissemination, information and promotion of the marketed products, visiting all pharmacies in the Portuguese territory presenting viable solutions partnerships.

We also provide a warehouse for wholesale distribution of medicines and medical devices that comply with Good Pharmaceutical Distribution Practice and which is aimed at all pre-storage logistics, from retaining the distribution of goods to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, or other duly licensed structures, throughout the national territory.

We are constantly evaluating new partnerships and synergies that can add value to our market, to serve our customers always with the best deals and products.





We create amazing products and inovative concepts, of the highest quality, safety and eficacy.

With more than 10 years of existence, we try to establish synergies in healthcare for a trustful future.



Year after year, our group has received several awards. These recognitions are an instrument of reputation for the companies with higher performances, providing notoriety and confidence in their market sector.


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  Olival | Vila Nova de Gaia